Susan Keeling's Descendants
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Susan Keeling was born in 1865 in Texarkana, Texas. She was the 3rd child of Lewis and Margaret Keeling and was Forest Keeling's older sister.

Susan Keeling married Wiley Whitfield around 1877. Their daughter, Mae Zella Whitfield, married Dock Runnels around 1895.

Dock Runnels and Mae Zella Whitfield-Runnels had 1 child, a son, Alzora Runnels, Sr., on August 29, 1898. 

Alzora Runnels, Sr. married Purley Rent in the early 1920s. They had 9 children. Purley was born on May 10. 1900 in Dixie, Louisiana and lived to be 98 years old. She is shown here in a photograph taken in the 1950s. 

Purlie Rent-Runnels.jpg (114817 bytes)

Please acknowledge Hester Thurston-Runnels, wife of Kenneth Ray Runnels, for this beautiful picture of Purley.  

Alzora Runnels, Sr. and Purley Rent-Runnels'

Mae Zella Runnels

Alzora Runnels, Jr.

Kenneth Ray Runnels

John Lee Runnels

Pearline(Purlene) Runnels

Lucendia Runnels

Joseph Lee Runnels

Will Henry Runnels

Arthur Lee Runnels

Some of Alzora Runnels, Sr. and Purley Rent-Runnels' children were at the 2001 Vines and Keeling Family Reunion in Los Angeles, California.

John Runnels and Family.jpg (509628 bytes)    John Runnels and Family 2.jpg (460584 bytes)    PearlineRunnels and kids.jpg (524198 bytes)

Here is a recent photo of the Runnels family in Texas:

 Runnels.jpg (51416 bytes)