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Background on the Vines and Keeling Family Tree  

The data gathering for the Vines and Keeling Family Tree, as it exists today, was initiated by Charles Lee Vines in 1990. Charles is the 11th child, 5th son, of High and Pinkie Vines. Charles was inspired to document the Family shortly after the passing of his mother in January of 1988.

For weeks and months, Charles contacted family members, spending hours on the phone with pen and paper in hand. He got the core information for High Vines, Sr. and Pinkie Keeling from his brother, High Vines, Jr. In the early 1970s, High taped an  interview with his father which provided  extremely valuable information on the Vines family background.  Charles started collecting additional information from his brothers and sisters, and then moved on to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins.

In 1993, at the Family Reunion hosted by his sister, Octavia Burris, Charles debuted the first edition of  the family tree. Every other year since then at the Vines and Keeling Family Reunion, Charles has displayed the Family Tree. 

Since then, he has continued with his passion, never missing an opportunity to update the family tree. You'll see him at weddings, graduations, and the family picnic taking notes and talking to family about family - not a bad job. I'm sure many of you have experienced this first hand. 

After 10 years of work and dedication, Charles is continually updating and improving the output. At this year Vines and Keeling Family Reunion, you'll see a gallery of family tree printouts, family pictures and interpretation of life in the 20th century for the family.