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bulletD.I.N.E. (Divine Intervention Nearing Eternity) Corp.

Business Overview: Enid Thompson was born in Los Angeles, California. The sixth child of seven children her parents worked diligently to provide for them while teaching them importance of becoming strong, independent and being open to change. Education and service to the community was a message frequently given by her parents.

 The message her parents spoke about community and service was heard loud and clear. Enid founded the D.I.N.E. (Divine Intervention Nearing Eternity) Corporation located in Pleasanton, California in 2004.  The mission of the D.I.N.E. Corporation is to provide assistance to individuals and families in need of positive intervention to overcome barriers encountered on life’s journey. D.I.N.E. works to keep the human element of integrity and competency in the forefront of its services.  Enid currently serves on the Broad of Directors as the Secretary for ADS International Corporation located in Oakland, California; Parent company of Priority Real Estate Investments, 1st. Priority Funding and Priority Property Management.

Committed to the growth and care of the community Enid joined the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce in 2004. As a member of the local board of realtors, The D.I.N.E. Corporation supports scholarship programs for high school students. At this stage of her life she decided to return to school to obtain her degree in Business. She fully understands the importance of higher education, and wants her life to be an example, that it is never too late to begin again.

Enid has been in the Mortgage Banking Industry for over 25 years. Formally, a Regional Vice President of Operations of one of America’s largest organization, she is committed to excellence. With an eye for detail and a heart full of compassion she recognizes the need to inform, educate and support her team and clients. With strong underwriting ability Enid obtained the following underwriting delegations: Conforming, Non-Conforming and Government products.  Enid currently attends the University of Phoenix and attended the University of Utah majoring in Music and obtained her Real Estate License. 

In her leisure, she enjoys Music of all kinds, traveling, reading and working out.
bullet Owner/Operator: Enid Thompson
bulletEnid is the daughter of Maceo & Doretha Keeling
bulletPhone: 925.595.8653



Liberty BEL EMC/EMI Services 

bulletBusiness Overview: Established in 1991, Liberty BEL EMC/EMI Services provides a service to the electronics manufacturing community.  Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) requirements are analogous to gas vehicle air pollution emissions test,  in that electronic equipment must not create a unsafe environment for other electronic devices and living organisms.   Governing bodies such as  the United State Department of Defense, Federal Communication Commission,  Food, Drug Administration and Federal Aviation Administration have developed acceptable emissions and/or susceptibility levels that manufacturers of electronic equipment must satisfy.  Liberty BEL provides these test services to manufacturers to verify compliance of electronic devices with the governing regulations.   
bulletOwner and Operator: Barry E. Leathers  
bulletBarry is the grandson of High  and Pinkie Vines.   
bulletPhone: 310-537-4235

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Pre-Paid Legal 

bulletBusiness Overview: Pre-Paid Legal is a pioneer in the legal expense plan industry in North America. The Company has benefited from years of developing and administering legal plans. In this ever-evolving industry, Pre-Paid Legal's goal is to continue quietly working to give you the only legal expense plan you need--and the exceptional service you deserve. Our Provider Attorney network continues to expand and improve as we provide only the best and most qualified attorney services to our members. "Service is what we sell," and it's all we sell - from the Corporate Office staff to the Sales Associates to the Provider Attorney network. Meeting the needs of our Pre-Paid members is our number one focus.
bulletContact Name: Wenona Allen 
bulletPosition: Independent Associate
bullet705 S. Beach St #110
bulletDaytona Beach, Florida
bullet(386) 323-0272
bulletPersonal website - under construction
bullet Company

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DCTS Publishing

bulletBusiness overview: Their purpose is to publish books that will increase one's spiritual potential,
enabling one to receive power, guidance and joy into the Millennium.
bulletOwners: Dennis and Cheryl-Vines Hamilton 
bulletP.O. Box 40216, Santa Barbara, CA 93140
bulletAbout Dennis Hamilton: Rev. Dennis Stephen Hamilton is a Licensed and ordained minister, founder and
President of DCTS Publishing, an assistant Pastor of the Friendship Church in Santa Barbara, California. Rev. Hamilton is a popular speaker, lecturer, and consultant. His numerous appearances on radio and television receive rave reviews from his enthusiastic audiences. Rev. Hamilton can be heard weekly on the Better Way Gospel Hour, broadcast from the University of California, Santa Barbara at 91.9 KCSB and 98.3 KDAR, serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

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Family Ministries 

bulletPastor High Vines, Jr., Th.M, Lit.D.,
bulletCaleb Bible Mission and School of Theology
bulletLong Beach, CA
bulletPastor Wayne Pittman
bulletLong Beach, CA

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