Maceo Keeling
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Maceo Keeling is the 3rd son and 8th child of Percell Keeling and Sally Mae Mosely. He was born in Texarkana, TX in 1936 and grew up in Los Angeles, CA. Maceo's family moved to California in the 1940s.  


Maceo married Doretha Lewis in Los Angeles on July 12, 1957. 

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Together, they had 7 children: 


Kimberly Wynona 

Tonjua Andre 

Maceo Zarak 

Vanessa Rae

Karen Dorine

Enid Alane



Enid Thompson,Inessa Davis, and her expectant Elijah C. McDaniel



Note: Elijah is waving to us in the upper right sonar gram

And NOW here is little Elijah being cuddled by his Great-Granddad, Maceo Keeling on a recent holiday in May 2008.


Maceo and Charles Vines have shared a passion for the Family Tree research. Maceo contributed the 1870 and 1880 Texas census documents, which he obtained from the Mormon Church Family Research Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. These documents were essential in tracing Lewis Keeling's vital information including birth location, date of birth, age, spouse, and children.

Maceo has participated in the last several Vines-Keeling Family reunions. Here is Maceo during the Family introductions at the 2003 Vines-Keeling Family Reunion. He is shown here expressing his views on family values, unity and the importance of supporting the youth. 

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Maceo Keeling at the 2003 Vines-Keeling Family Reunion.

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Maceo and his family at the 2001 Vines-Keeling Family Reunion