The Don & Eloisa Bunn Road Trip
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The Donald and Eloisa Bunn Road Trip:

Donald and Eloisa Bunn are traveling across the US, from Sacramento, CA to Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada, this summer in their RV .  The RV is a 32 foot RV which both Donald and Eloisa will be sharing the driving.  Eloisa retired from the Department of Water Resources after 30 years of service earlier this year (See News Events for the whole story on Eloisa).  

This page documents their travels.

1st Stop: Winnemucca, Nevada

Winnemucca is an interesting place, it has the richest gold mine in North America, the Twin Creeks Mine just out side of the City. Most of the people who live here work in the mine. There is a parking lot near our campground that is loaded
with miners cars who catch buses to the mine to go to work. The City is named after the famous Northern Paiute Indian Chief, Old Winnemucca. The Chief and his daughter Sarah traveled across country bringing attention to the plight of their people. They presented their case in Washington, DC in 1880. The Chief died on October 21, 1882. Attached is a photo of the Winnemucca Hotel that was built in 1863, it is now a Basque restaurant.

Winnemucca.jpg (971078 bytes)

2nd Stop: Salt Lake City - Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine

This mine is the worlds largest man-made excavation. It is over three quarters of a mile deep and covers 1,900 acres. It
produces much of the Copper we use in this country. Along with the great wall of China it is the only other structure that can be seen from outer space. The mine is one BIG hole in the ground so I selected a picture of it to mail to you
all as a representative of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a good example of how the environment has been exploited by man.

Salt Lake City Mine.jpg (1328190 bytes)

3rd Stop: Grand Junction, CO

Pictures from Grand Junction, CO.

The Canyon at Grand Junction:

Grand Junction-CO.jpg (1451825 bytes)


Grand Junction -CO.jpg (1102730 bytes)

Donald and Eloisa liked the RV Ranch at Grand Junction so much that they decided to stay over one
more day. From their email:

"So today, Sunday, June 15th, we took off to see some more sights. It turns out that the state of Colorado has quite a few Wineries and within a short distance from where we are there are seven. What better thing can you do on
Father's Day than visit a few wineries? We went to three and they were all unique and delightful. I'll send photos
later but just wanted to give you all an update. Tomorrow we leave headed east on I 70."

What a life..... Sounds and looks like fun to me.