Academic Achievement
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Outstanding Achievement for Tony Luton II:

August 2002-Tony Luton II - Named to the National Society of High School Scholars from Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler, Texas.  Also nominated as "Whose Who Among American High School Students for 2002-3.  This is in addition to Tony receiving his High School Diploma.  Tony is the Great-Grandson of Madie Vines and Silas Gurley.  Tony II's are from the proud parents of Tony Luton and Molly Rougely Luton.  Tony Luton is the son of Oweasia Gurley, Madie's baby girl.  Congratulations Tony II a job well done!!!!  We all wish you continued academic success!!

Outstanding Achievement for Pinkie Leona Vines:

April  2002 - Pinkie Leona Vines - Outstanding Achievement Award on her last 2 report cards. Pinkie is the granddaughter of Pinkie Keeling and High Vines and is in the 4th grade.  Pinkie is also a budding track star, taking 1st place in the 100 meter, and 400 meter races. Here is her report card for the year showing the outstanding achievement in getting straight A's. Congratulations Pinkie for a job well done!!!