Jasper (Jack) Keeling Family Photos
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Jasper (Jack) Keeling is the 4th child of Lewis and Margaret Keeling, born in 1858. His first marriage was to Jennie Calloway. They did not have any children.  Jack married Rose Anna Kenedy in 1885 and had 9 children:

bulletAaron Lee Keeling, Sr.
bulletDixie Keeling
bulletFrank Keeling
bulletMag Keeling
bulletMyrtle Keeling
bulletRuby Keeling
bulletAugusta Keeling, born 3/14/1900
bulletRose Anna Keeling, born 7/31/1907
bulletLeola "Dutsie" Keeling, born 5/25/1908

Rose Anna died in 1908. Jack remarried in 1920 to Susie Patterson and had 1 child:

bulletC.L. Keeling. 

He died a landowner and is buried on Zion Hill outside of Texarkana, Texas, where he spent most of his life.